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Backend Development

Within the software industry the term backend has many meanings. Simple put, it usually refers to all things going on behind the scenes and in most circumstances is designed for administration use. As an example, in the case of websites or web apps, there may be a client side system with a user friendly design and a server side backend system that would not be seen by any user.

Backend systems may include but not limited to content management systems, data processing, databases and other components that are necessary to keep websites or web apps running. As software gets more complex, it is important for the backend system to be updated regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.

A Solution For Every Business

  • Backend for websites and web apps
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Client relationship management (CRM)
  • Business automation (BPM/BPA)
  • Order management
  • Document management

Our Expertise

ShaCha has been developing custom backend systems for around 14 years with experience in a large range of industry sectors working with small startup business to large established enterprises. Whether it is a content management system or a large complex solution, we always make sure the finished project is secure, efficient, within your budget and delivered on time.

White Labeling

Do you need dedicated custom development for a customers project? We will develop custom solutions for your customer under the name of your company.

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